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Boeing Advanced Research Collaboration at UW

The Boeing Advanced Research Collaboration (BARC) at UW is an interdisciplinary Boeing-UW partnership for the future of flight. BARC unites UW faculty and students with Boeing subject matter experts to evolve aerospace systems with next-generation technologies such as new materials, digital twins, data-driven engineering, robotics, and human-technology partnership.

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A physical facility with
state-of-the-art materials, robots, instrumentation,
and sensors for aerospace systems

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Boeing Data-Driven Engineering Research Focus

Exploiting nascent technologies
for aerospace and
advanced manufacturing

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Research for the
Future of Flight

Interdisciplinary research
bridging the missing links
towards the future of flight

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BARC Research

BARC Research consists of interconnected scientific and technology foci from robotics to digital engineering for researching into the future of flight.

An overarching problem space in aerospace systems guides the BARC scientific exploration and research development.

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Quick Facts

More than 100 students have worked on Boeing research projects​ at UW.
More than twenty five BARC graduates have been hired by Boeing.
Other BARC graduates have been employed at high-impact organizations such as Amazon, Blue Origin, General Motors, Google, Indian Institutes of Technology, Meta, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Zipline.
Research stemming from BARC projects have been showcased five times in the Boeing Technical Excellence Conference (BTEC), resulting in four ‘BEST of BTEC’ awards!

Contact BARC

Xu Chen, Director of BARC and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Shannon Dong, Associate Director of BARC Lab

BARC Leadership