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Participate in the 2024 Boeing Innovation Challenge @ UW!

Boeing is hosting an interdisciplinary innovation challenge scheduled for May across the University of Washington Bothell, Seattle, and Tacoma campuses. This presents an excellent opportunity for talented students to collaborate and craft innovative solutions for a real-world aerospace challenge. Join us in shaping the future of aviation!

Information Sessions start on April 1 and last through April 3
April 1, 12:30 p.m. – UW Tacoma MLG 110 and virtual
April 2, 12 p.m. – UW Bothell ARC Overlook (SARC 201 & SARC 202) and virtual
April 3, 12 p.m. – UW Seattle MolES 115 and virtual
Team Registrations Due: May 1
Challenge Topic Release: May 6
Team Presentations: Week of May 13

Read more and register here.

UW and Boeing continue building strong ties

Last Friday, BARC members had a great discussion with the Boeing employees: MSE folcals Xiaoxi Wang, Associate Technical Fellow Alain Adjorlolo, Sr. Project Engineer and Technical Fellow Elise Castorina, Materials and Process Engineer, Product Development Luna Huang. Navid Zobeiry from University of Washington’s Material Science Engineering, and Sharon D. from the College of Engineering’s Corporate and Foundation Relationships were also there.

The University of Sheffield/Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre visits BARC 

Last month a world leader in manufacturing excellence, The University Sheffield/Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, (AMRC) was on campus visiting BARC. They are a part of High Value Manufacturing Catapult, a network of resource centers. AMRC has a network of 70 universities and more than 1,000 companies of all sizes, from fledgling start-ups to the biggest names in manufacturing.

BARC seeks to hire undergraduate student assistants

BARC is hiring!

We are seeking two energetic, creative, and tech-savvy undergraduate students who have a passion for impacting aerospace manufacturing through working at the BARC.

The application is through handshake ( >> JOBS >> Find a Student Job) and it is open to on-campus students. Please find details from the following links:

Digital Communication Student Assistant – ID 8355046

Shopmaster Student Assistant/Coordinator – ID 8354749

2023 BARC Student Presentations at Boeing 

A group of BARC students visited Boeing factories and had the opportunity to showcase their research projects to Boeing Executives and senior technical engineering experts (called Technical Fellows) at the Boeing Airplane Integration Center in Everett, Washington on October 3, 2023. The students presented their innovative solutions to various engineering challenges and discussed how their work could benefit Boeing. The event also allowed the students to interact with Boeing engineers and learn from their expertise and feedback. The event was attended by around 50 UW students and faculty, and many Boeing employees.

The event started with opening remarks by Steve Chisholm, the VP for Functional Chief Engineer for Mechanical and Structural at Boeing, who welcomed the students and shared with them the history of BARC. Michelle Caray, Boeing Executive Site Director at UW, and Tia Benson-Tolle, Director of Materials and Fabrication at Boeing Commercial Airplanes Production, also gave welcoming remarks and expressed their support for the collaboration between UW and Boeing. Seventeen student teams then took turns to present their research projects, covering topics such as safety, inspection, automation, materials, structures, simulation, and data analytics. The presentations were followed by Q&As where the students answered questions from Boeing engineers and executives and received constructive feedback and suggestions. The event concluded networking discussions where the students and Boeing employees exchanged contacts and discussed potential opportunities for future cooperation.

BARC students touring Boeing’s factory at Everett WA on the presentation day

2022 BARC Graduate Student Presentations

June 2, 2022

On June 2, 2022, graduate students in the Boeing Advanced Research Center (BARC) presented their research to Boeing Executives. In addition to highlighting their innovations they also discussed the impact on Boeing. Students also discussed the benefit of working with Boeing engineers on impactful problem on their graduate research and career.

Steve Chisholm, the VP for Functional Chief Engineer for Mechanical and Structural at Boeing gave the opening remarks and ten student teams presented their work, and got feedback from Boeing engineers. Around 50 UW students and faculty, and Boeing Employees attended the event.

Steve Chisholm giving the opening remarks.
Nicole Atmadja (L) and Melody Mojib (R) presenting their work on Electron Beam Melting (EBM) Additive Manufacturing Process
Megan Taylor (L), Kaitlyn Lewis (M), Mike Kaiwi (R) presenting their work on Non-Destructive Inspection.

Third annual Boeing capstone

Student teams present their projects at the 2022 Boeing Capstone Showcase. Photo credit: UW College of Engineering.

In May 2022, a group of senior undergraduate students at the UW presented their final year Boeing-sponsored capstone projects at the Boeing Capstone Showcase, which was attended by Boeing executives and capstone mentors as well as UW faculty, students and project advisers. In these capstone projects, students gain valuable experience from working within real-world constraints, while sponsoring organizations reap the innovations and insights provided by the project deliverables. Read, for example, about a civil engineering project on a novel design for a wingtip end cap that was produced using 3D printing.

BARC research wins Best of BTEC Awards

August 20, 2020

BARC research has won the Best of BTEC award for three consecutive years at the Boeing Technical Excellence Conference where hundreds of the Boeing company’s engineers gather each year to discuss innovations.

The 2019 Best of BTEC award went to the work on “Improved Tow-End Recognition for Fiber Placement Inspection using Machine Learning ” by Wei Guo, Ekta Samani, Ashis Banerjee, Sophie O’Neill, Lukas Wavrin, Stacy Harting, John Stewart and Agnes Blom-Schieber.
For additional information see Data Science for Manufacturing.

The 2020 Best of BTEC award in Manufacturing, Materials & Safety went to the work on “Mechanically actuated pneumatic avatar for out-of-tank teleoperated control” by Shuonan Dong, Jerry Chungbin, John Fuller, and Sam Pedigo with Ben Wong, Kyle Schultz, Lucky Singh, Derek Loy, Wade Marquette, Santosh Devasia, and Joe Garbini.

The 2021 Best of BTEC award in Manufacturing, Materials & Safety went to the work on “Cross Ply Machine” by Shuonan Dong, Nate Secinaro, Alan Locke, Sam Pedigo and Silas Studley, with Nini Hong, Devin Ide, Lucky Singh, Lukas Wavrin, Kevin Hsu, James Hutchinson, Connor Burch, and Santosh Devasia.