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Project-based MS

Mechatronics project-based MS

The UW Department of Mechanical Engineering in conjunction with BARC offers a mechatronics project-based curriculum leading to a non-thesis Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. The highlight is a hands-on group project.

Curriculum requirements:

  • A total of 42 numerically graded credits (excluding seminar credits)
  • ME 564 (3 credits) and ME 565 (3 credits)
  • At least one course in computational or numerical analysis from the ME departmental approved list
  • 12 credits of 500-Level ME Graded Coursework (not including 564/565)
  • 15 credits of other 500-level courses, a  maximum of 12 400-level credits (excluding ME 498 & ME 499) may apply toward the other 500-level credit requirement
  • Maximum 9 credits of ME 598M (Mechatronics Projects)

See more information on Mechanical Engineering’s MS requirements and non-thesis options

The mechatronics project is the core of this project-based MSME degree. Projects tend to address open-ended challenges. Students are expected to work as a team (usually 3-5 students) for four quarters The specific objectives of the projects are for students to:

  • gain significant practice in developing a mechatronics project from the concept stage to a functioning prototype
  • participate with others in a team, both in developing a task schedule and in completing the work on time
  • experience the design process
  • develop and improve your oral and written communication skills

Mechatronics Sample 4 quarter curriculum (pdf)

How to apply

We will evaluate project needs on a recurring basis and may offer a limited number of projects to students joining the MS program in fall of each year. If you are interested, please submit your application by end of August. Later applications will be considered if new projects become available. Do note that you need to login using your “” email address after you have been admitted to UW.