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The BARC Lab

The Boeing Advanced Research Collaboration Lab, previously the Boeing Advanced Research Center, fosters collaborative basic and applied research, translational research and development, and student education-related activities in the manufacturing and assembly of aircraft structures.  Boeing-employed affiliate instructors work in the lab full-time, side by side with faculty and students on joint research projects. The BARC Lab started with research with the Mechanical Engineering faculty and students in the Fall of 2014. It has grown to encompass multi-disciplinary projects across other UW departments.

The 4300 sq. ft. BARC Lab facility is housed in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington.

The BARC lab has been a fantastic journey of collaboration, research, outreach, and workforce development. Row 1: Steve Chisholm, VP and Chief Engineer for Boeing Mechanical and Structural Engineering giving the opening remarks in 2022; Visitors from Gifu University; Washington Engineering/STEM Deans and Directors Meeting. Row 2: Visit from Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg; Engineering Discovery Days. Row 3: Visit from Auburn Boeing Leadership and 2018 BARC review day.

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